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Data show that 10-year period , from 2001 the GDP of 11 trillion yuan to 40 trillion yuan finished crossing , with an average annual growth of more than 10%.For the store "foreign apparel " careful observation, found the foreign trade clothing logo confusion, although some foreign clothing labels, but not marked clothing brand , fabric , size , washing instructions trademark cards, some clothing altogether only no trademark playing cards, and whether in appearance or clothing from the label inside it all looked very old , like new clothes . Where to buy authentic Air Jordan 13 Fur AAA 2014 Hotsale We will continue to strictly follow the "White Paper" dental cosmetic 4 standard ( aesthetic standards , health standards, accountability standards , service standards ) , set an example for the development of Chinese industry to contribute their oral part.Two years ago, some tables providers form alliances to buy these brands tables can hit 7 fold, after the price increases , it becomes a 25% discount , now only hit 8." Zeng said in a high majority of textile stocks , some stocks up to one and a half , " high inventory became difficult to get rid of inhibitions , " Last year the customer to buy cotton and cotton yarn even still struggling to get the price doubled .Changsha Branch is responsible for the procurement markets , told reporters there is a quality garment identification tricks .

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